Genting Skyworlds - 1 Day Theme Park Ticket

 Genting Highlands

No Cancellation
Fixed Date
One-day Pass
One-day Pass


Package Options

  • (Child (90 to 110 cm) / Senior (Above 60 years old))

    S$ 45.00

  • (Adult (Above 110 cm))

    S$ 50.00


  • Access to Studio Plaza, Eagle Mountain, Central Park, Rio, Andromeda Base, Liberty Lane, Epic, Robots Rivets Town & Ice Age
  • 1-Day Pass

What to Expect?



  • Studio Plaza : Legends Cafe, Han's Cha Chaan Teng (Muslim Friendly Restsurant), Popcornlicious, Studio Emporium, Sweet Delights presented by Candy Party
  • Eagle Mountain : Mad Ramp Peak - Full Trottle Racing (Coming Soon), Classic Burgers, Freedom Shop
  • Central Park : Night at the Museum - Midnight Mayhem, ESD Global Defender, Independence Day - Defiance, Madison Square, Central Park Gardens, Lake of Dreams, Concert in the Park, Harry Ramsden World Famous Fish & Chips, Cosmic Cafe, Starlet's Pizza, Trattoria IL Lago - Simply Italian, Jetpack - Coffee and Fast Fuels, Lakeside Market, FUHU Shack, Orbits Fried Dough, Museum Store, ESD Exchange, Galaxy Store, The Big Picture, Asteroid Arcade
  • Rio : Blue Sky Carousel, Samba Gliders, Rio Carnaval Chaos, Samba Urbana, The Sounds of Rio, Santa Teresa Trolley Treats, Vila Festa, Rio Mercado, Carnaval Jogos E Premios
  • Andromeda Base : Boot Camp Training, Alpha Fighter Pilots, Terraform Tower Challenge, Segeant Sully's Juice Boosters, EXO Grab "N" Go
  • Liberty Lane : Invasion of the Planet of the Apes (Coming Soon), Chips & Dips, Golden Gate Garage, Redwoods Trading Post
  • Epic : Epic Vayage to Moonhaven, Epic Hummingbird Flyers, Mub & Grub's Big Bites, Epic Gift
  • Robots Rivets Town : Bigweld's Zeppelins, Rivet Town Roller, Aunt fanny's Confectionery, Flathead Floyds' Mart 
  • Ice Age : Ice Age - Expedition Thin Ice, Acorn Adventure (Technical Rehearsal), Sid's Rock "N" Slide, Mammoth Fun Zone, Ice Age - Time Warp, Buck's Cafe, Peaches' Cocoa Concortions, Crash & Eddies' Frozen Treats, Cavern Treasures, Photo Kiosk